help us reach our 2014 fundraising goal!

This year, so far, Proximity has created two original performance pieces, "Teen Age" and "Mermaid's Tale" with casts of extraordinary groups of teens as well as the ongoing commitment of our company members.

This year we were awarded a grant from The Santa Barbara Bowl in support of our teen summer production. We thank our thousands of past and current supporters, and owe our progress to you all.

Thanks for your support. No amount is too little in support of what we hope to be bold and truth-telling theatre.

Most importantly, we hope to see each and every one of you at our shows. We do this work for you.

Love always,

P.S. Since Proximity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your contribution is tax deductible!

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raised of $10,000 goal

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Suggested Donations:

I Wanna Give Fifty Bucks - $50
cause sometimes you just wanna give $50

I Wanna Give A Benjamin - $100
cause when you have a crisp single $100 bill, nothing beats giving it to a non-profit experimental teen theatre company...

Gels For Lights - $200
so our theatrical world can be filled with color

Rehearsal Equipment - $300
rehearsal speakers and lights

Set Materials - $400
so we can have platforms, special lights and bears, oh my!

Costumes - $500
with teens in our show we can't have anyone naked on stage...

Printed Materials - $800
scripts, posters, programs, and journal assignments...printed on recycled paper!

Additional Tech Labor - $1,000
personnel to run lights & sound, to assist with painting, and to hang and program lights

Rehearsal Space - $2,500
4 weeks of rehearsal Mon - Fri

Performance Space - $5,000
4 days of technical rehearsal and 4 performances at The New Vic, Santa Barbara’s newest and most beautiful theatre

Staff - $6,000
directors, assistants, & designers for their lives for at least 60 hours a week for 6 weeks

our 2013 donors

Foundational Support

The Pattis Family Foundation

Individual Community Support

Abby Preston, Abe Presser, Adam Laupus, Adam Taft, Aileen Latcham, Aileen O'Conor, Amanda Chen, Amy Hazard, Ann Bennett, Anna Thompson, Arno Jaffe, Bernardo Cubria, Brandon Scott, Brecia Kralovic-Logan, Brian Dohn, Brian Lopez, Bruce Bigenho, Bryan Palmer, C. G. Tebbe, Camilla Bourbon, Carmen Kuchera, Carmen Richardson, Carole Morrill, Caroline Deloreto, Caroline MacDougall, Cathy Schneider, Christine Dawkins, Christopher Easter, Colin Walker, Constance Ellis, Dan & Marilyn Katz, Dave Urbina, David & Julie Wexler, David & Teresa Botham, David Archer, David Cygielman, David Dawkins, David Teton-Landis, Dean Henderson, Deva Parisian, Domitile Camus, Ed & Marta Urbina, Eliana Schiffer, Elizabeth Finnegan, Elizabeth Romanski, Ellen Borg Svendsen, Eric & Maureen Lehman, Erica Weiner, Erik Butts, Gabriel Vicente, Gael Belden, George Logan, Gillian Kruskall, Greg & Daphne Tebbe, Greg Buis, Hannah Haehn, Heather Seagraves, Helen Curhan, Hilary Jewett, Howard & Kathy Siegel, Isa Bourbon, Jeffrey Hirsch, Jeffrey Markel, Jenn Kennedy, Jerry Poe, Jesse Leddick, Jesse Wooten, Jill Christiano, Jill Goodman, Jill Nelsen, Joanna Kerns, Jodi Stevens, Joe Medjuck, John & Cecilia Caldwell, John & Susan Leddick, John Gage, Jon Miller, Jonathan Finnegan, Jose Luis Cubria, Joseph Lisanti, Juan Gutierrez, Julia Mayer, Julian Kimmel, Julie Katz, Julie Wexler, Justin Mabardi, Karla Blancas, Kathleen Macaulay, Kathleen Scarminach, Kathy & Howard Seigel, Kathy & Jed Hirsch, Kelly A Shah, Kelly Scorupski, Marge Kriege, Kenneth Cohen, Kenny Osehan, Kentaro Tojo, Kjersti Gjesdal, Kristine Poe, Kyle Ervin, Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz, Lauren Katz, Lauren Saffa, Laurie Lehman, Leslie Wells, Lillie Mack, Lisa Broggi, Lorenzo Fornari, Luan Vo, Lucille & Carl Berkowitz, Lynn Crabtree, Marantha Dawkins, Marie Barranco, Marlene Gordon-Beckerman, Mauricio Kaim, Max Pitman, Maya Ray-Schoenfeld, Meghan Lehman, Melissa Bishop, Michael & Eileen Haber, Michael Feldman, Michael Hostler, Michael Kreitsek, Michele Edwards, Michele Martin, Mike Hedge, Miriam Landsman, Nancy Gifford, Nancy Grinstein, Nancy Heffron, Natalie Saunders, Nicholas George, Nick Kiefer, Nora Garcia, Pamela Colon-Rivera, Pamela Kellet, Paris Miller, Patricia Cooper, Patrick Avila, Paul Owens, Peg Browning, Pegeen Crockett, Peter Bie,nPeter Simons, Rachael Himovitz, Rachael Thompson, Rhianna Lehman, Richard Wittman, Rick Wayman, Rita Bourbon, Robb Klassen, Robert & Kelly Cuadra, Robert Nieder, Robin Himovitz, Robin Lehman, Russell Bartlett, Sarah Hannah, Sarah Ting, Scott McEarch, Serena Lehman, Shoshana Kline, Sofia Wahaj, Sonja Tone, Steph Costa, Stephanie Senard, Steven Cramer, Sue Schwefel, Susan & Michael Riegel, Suzanne Smith, Sylvia Dawkins, Teddy Stern, Tracy Morris, Tricia Towey, Trista Watson, Wendy Yang Bailey, Zack Paul

Community Business / Organization Support

Quattro Fortune, Shelter Social Club, Hollywood Vaults, Ensberg Jacobs Designs, The Ojai Rancho Inn, Fresh Foods Catering, Fair Hills Farms, Santa Barbara Middle School, El Capitan Canyon, Montessori Center School, Ca’ Dario Ristorante, Santa Barbara Summer Stock, Municipal Winemakers, Dressed and Ready, The Purvis Brothers, Genuine Bread Co.